About The Warlock, Robert Ennis

Have you ever been filled with a sense of wonder? I have, and I make things to try to share that feeling with people. I used to know things, and I used to have a fairly coherent philosophy. I’ve seen such strange things that I don’t pretend to know much anymore. But this thing I do know: I can create wonderful things with you, for you and yours.

I strongly prefer to meet my clients, to get a proper sense of their stories. Every detail you share with me feeds into your design. Little things, like the color of your shoelaces, or numbers and shapes that stand out from your chosen habitation, can influence a design I make for you.

It seems like we can create just about anything when we put our minds to action.

I am Bobby The Warlock, The Tyrant of Design. I create, therefore I am.

Robert Ennis: an allegedly-fine artist, graphic designer and iconographer, unpaid anthropologist (like most anthropologists) and lazy mountaineer with a penchant for pointless suffering. He cares about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis more than a reasonable man should. When not wasting his days between research and design, he prefers to waste his days away hunting for common, fancy minerals in the geological wonderland of southern Utah. Sometimes he puts on costumes and does photoshoots to make, say, the covers of his books.

Located in Southern Utah

Enjoying the mountains of Cedar City

Need an Excuse?

You and I will imagine up great things into reality, together. If you have a business; if you need a truly unusual gift, or are running for office, I’m your new secret weapon.